Full-time Teaching Positions

I. Basic requirements

Foreign teachers shall comply with laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China and rules and regulations of China University of Mining and Technology, respect the traditions and customs of the Chinese nation, have the qualities and abilities to be a college teacher, observe classroom discipline, not engage in activities that are inconsistent with the provisions of the employment contract and not have records of legal dispute, crime, academic misconduct or bad credit.

II. Vacancies for full-time teachers

(1) Positions and Period

The University is seeking full-time lecturers qualified for teaching, scientific research, discipline construction and international communication.

Term of employment: 2 years and above.

(2) Qualifications

1. The potential candidate for the position should be a PhD holder of a well-known overseas university. For special disciplines or talents in short supply, a Master degree is acceptable.

2. Professor should be under 60 years old, have excellent academic research capabilities, keep pace with the latest development of the disciplines and have higher academic achievements or innovative research in a certain research area.

3. Associate Professor should be under 50 years old, be familiar with academic trends of the discipline and have stable and mature research orientation.

4. Lecturer should be under 40 years old.

(3) Remuneration

Minimum basic salary of professor position is RMB 340,000 a year; associate professors position, RMB 250,000 a year; lecturers position, RMB 190,000 a year. In addition, Subsidies are offered for housing, transportation, residence permit and so on, amounting to RMB 34,000 per year.

III. The remuneration mentioned above is paid by RMB, pre-tax income.

IV. Contact Information

For those who are interested in joining China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT), please download the following contact list and submit your CV to relevant contact person of schools or key laboratories according to your own research orientation.

附件【[Appendix] Full-time Teaching Positions Contact List.docx