China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT) Won Several Prizes in Orienteering Competition For Foreigners in Jiangsu

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CUMT-First Prize in Men’s Team Competition

Several orienteering players of CUMT international students win first prize in individual competitions

CUMT Win Excellent Organizer Award

[Li Honghai (third from left), associate dean of International College, accepts the award on behalf of CUMT]

A Snapshot of Competition Site

Players in the Interview

Group Photo of Players

The Orienteering Competition For Foreigners in Jiangsu, hosted by Jiangsu People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries commenced in Dongshan, Suzhou city recently with the theme of “Fun Run in Jiangsu and Make Friends Across the World”.

CUMT took part in the competition as a representative of the Xuzhou team winning the following awards:

lFirst Prize in Men’s Team Competition

lA clean sweep of Women’s Top 4 in Individual Competition

lFirst Prize in Men’s Individual Competition (by a student)

lExcellent Organizer Award.

There are in all 12 representative teams participating in the game reportedly attracting 102 foreign friends from 40 countries and regions. The players are international students studying at SEU (Southeast University), HHU (Hohai University), NUAA (Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), Jiangnan University and Jiangsu University together with foreign production and management personnel in Jiangsu.

The orienteering team of CUMT international students consists of 4 girls and 5 boys. The competition events of this orienteering competition aim to test both the individual ability and teamwork of contestants who are required to reach various points indicated on the map by the use of a map and compass. Individuals and teams who achieve this in the shortest time are declared winners.

A clear command shot signaled a fierce beginning to the competition. In the individual cross-country competition the orienteering team players of CUMT international students withstood great pressure and by virtue of their super strong resilience and steady performance, especially from the girls team, made a clean sweep of the women’s top 4 in the individual competition.

Male students were not far off the mark and also put up a worthy performance. Ma Dou, a Yemeni student, won first prize in the men’s team in Individual competition with a score of 26'49".

Importantly, all the players united as one and raced to the top in the afternoon’s team competition and won first prize in men’s team competition with a score of 17'23".

The competition fully demonstrated the healthy, positive and confident spirit that prevailed in team CUMT. CUMT international students presented a united front by organizing this orienteering competition for international students.

The competition also strengthened friendly exchanges among partner universities thereby improving and strengthening relations and integration within the university fraternity in the Jiangsu province.