CUMT held the Class of 2020 Graduation Ceremony

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Graduation ceremony venue

Liu Bo, Secretary of the CPC CUMT Committee, attends the ceremony

Song Xuefeng, President of the CUMT, delivers a speech

Cao Dexin, Vice President of the CUMT, announces the award decisions

Zhou Guoqing, Vice President of the CUMT, chairs the ceremony

The University recognizes outstanding graduates and significant contributors to grass-root employment

Gui Xiahui, faculty representative and researcher of the National Engineering Research Center of Coal Preparation and Purification, addresses the ceremony

Zhang Keting, parent representative of graduates, addresses the ceremony

Zhao Defei,

graduate students representative and PhD graduate in Geology from School of

Resources and Geosciences, addresses the ceremony

Guan Xin, undergraduate representative from School of Safety Engineering, addressing the ceremony

Graduation ceremony venue

The blossom season witnesses the fruits of the China University of Mining and Technology. On the morning of June 19, the University held the class of 2020 graduation ceremony on its first sports ground. The ceremony was delivered both on-site and via webcast in compliance with the preventative and control measures against COVID-19, expressing congratulations and best wishes to 8,481 graduates of 2020. More than 50,000 students and their parents or relatives who were not able to return to the CUMT due to COVID-19 watched the live broadcast of the ceremony via varied platforms.

Leaders of the University Liu Bo, Song Xuefeng, Cao Dexin, Zhao Jianling, Li Qiang, Cai Shihua, Fu Hengsheng, Zhou Guoqing, Bian Zhengfu, Zhou Fubao, as well as Assistant President Zhang Wanhong, and Zhang Wanhai, Director of the Organization Department of CUMT, were present at the ceremony. Zhou Guoqing, Vice President of the CUMT presided over the ceremony. More than 5,500 people, including graduates, counselors, and deans and directors from various schools and departments attended the ceremony.

President Song Xuefeng delivered a speech and extended his warmest congratulations to all graduates and best wishes to their new journey. In his speech, he said that in the face of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, the University made unwavering efforts to prevent and control the pandemic following the national unified deployment to protect the safety of campus. With great courage and sense of responsibility, the University pressed forward to reopen the campus and resume the classes. Faculty and students worked together to overcome challenges and pave the way for the successful graduation of 2020. As a teacher, he proposed three pieces of advice as his hopes and suggestions for graduates of 2020. First, take the lofty ideal as a beacon in your journey, adhere to the belief of moving forward, brighten your future with the light of ideal, achieve your life ideal in the course of pushing forward your career development, society advancement, and the national rejuvenation, and write your own chapters in the torrent of the times. Second, steer your journey with character-cultivation and virtue as the rudder, have a patriotic ambition, stick to professional ethics, integrity, and kindness, and earn your living and pursue your career honestly and earnestly. Third, take courage and endeavor as your oars, take the challenge posed by times, embrace changes whether in prosperity or adversity, be brave to explore unknowns, repay your country with knowledge, change the world and benefit mankind with hard work.  

Representatives from faculty, parents, and students delivered remarks with the vibe of congratulations, expectations, gratitude, and farewell overflowing the ceremony. In the section of the graduation oath, the graduates of 2020 swore to the guests, faculty, and parents present at the ceremony that they would embark on a new journey with enthusiasm and create the glory of a new generation of the CUMTers. The graduation ceremony ended in the chanting of the CUMT anthem by all faculty and students.

The grand ceremony motivated every and each student. Everyone signed their names on the signing wall and bade farewell to each other. Ren Lu, a PhD graduate from the School of Mechatronic Engineering said, “The time at the University has witnessed our growth. I am fortunate to have experienced a whole graduate season in this special time. As we are about to step out of campus, we will inherit the excellent culture and essence of the University and shoulder greater responsibilities while embracing challenges and moving forward!” Guo Duanyang, a graduate from the School of Economics and Management mentioned, “Recalling the past four years of university life, everyone I met and everything I experienced has become the infinite treasure of my life. Such a treasure is motivating me to grow and develop. I am obliged to the University and looking forward to meeting people from this big family again in the future.”