Faculty and Students from School of Architecture & Design Winning 2020 European Product

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The winners of the 2020 European Product Design Award have been announced. Works of “Ruyi Bang (stick of bless)” and “Flowing Picture” submitted by teachers from School of architecture & design, including Zhu Zhaohua, Yao Jun, Zhang Kun and Shao Jiang won the Top Design Award (Gold medal) and Winner Award (Silver medal) respectively. “Ball Lamp” submitted by Li Zeyao, a Class 2019 postgraduate of industrial design engineering was granted the Honorable Award (Bronze medal).

The design of “Ruyi Bang” (stick of bless) is inspired by the weapon owned by an ancient Chinese mythological character Sun Wukong (Monkey King). The stick can be changed into a variety of lamps by folding the built-in metal hose, such as table lamp and floor lamp, etc. to meet the needs of different users. At the same time, its size can be reduced because of the fold-able structure, thus  reducing transportation cost.

“Flowing Picture” is a traditional Chinese painting which is intended to create a brand new visual experience through combination of static and flowing state, virtual and physical world. When different flowers are arranged in the container behind the frame, pictures of different periods of flower growth will be drawn through the refraction of different glass mechanisms on the surface of the frame, thus creating an unexpected beauty.

Inspired by the Christmas bell, the “Ball Lamp” takes people’s unconscious behavior as the interaction way with lamps. When people shake the bell which appears on the table, the lamp switch is triggered and the light is on. Only by then will you realize that the bell is actually a lamp. Warm light of the lamp can bring unexpected surprises and create a comfortable and harmonious  atmosphere.

It is reported that more than 7,000 works were submitted for the 2020 European Product Design Award by designers from all over the world, including those from well-known domestic and international design companies, freelance designers and university teams. Only less than 10 out of the 7,000 works won the Top Design Award (Gold medal).

Source: Jiang Haowen, School of Architecture & Design of CUMT


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