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China Natural Resources Daily  

Key National Experimental and Scientific Achievements in Deep Geomechanics and Underground Engineering

An in depth report that appeared in the above newspaper on October 31 detailed how the research team of the State Key Laboratory of Deep Geomechanics and Underground Engineering had long been engaged in studying special drilling technology, and had set many domestic and world records in the field of deep topsoil and freezing drilling technology in soft and water-rich strata.

Moreover, the team had taken the lead in breaking through the major technical bottlenecks of key technologies, equipment and processes for extra-large diameter deep shaft construction, thus upgrading China’s vertical shaft construction standards and inventing an efficient and safe well construction technology with complete independent intellectual property rights. The team demonstrated and led the scientific and technological progress in the international well construction industry.

Since 2004 the research team of China University of Mining and Technology has taken the major strategy for deep resource exploitation as a starting point, and through  continuous development began solving the major technical problems in the construction of extra-large diameter deep shaft. They also commenced with developing key technologies and complete sets of deep well freezing drilling method.  The team recorded great achievements including a world record of the depth of frozen soil layers (675.6m) and the depth of frozen rock (910m) almost approaching to the world record. In addition a deep and large shaft wellbore with a diameter of 15.5m and a depth of 1346.1m was built, eliminating the well sinking technical bottleneck of developing deep solid resource. Further, a large number of core technologies and equipment with independent intellectual property rights were  invented and the research achievements set the standard at international level.

As a result of the outstanding research, the laboratory team:

  • Won a second prize for National Scientific and Technological Progress  

  • Was awarded first prize for Science and Technology in of Jiangsu Province.

  • They were granted 22 domestic inventions,

  • Recognized for 3 foreign inventions

  • Had a software copyright registered

  • Edited 4 national and industry regulations

  • Was approved for 4 national and ministerial work law

  • Published 68 high-level academic papers

Although statistics for the period 2008 to 2013 are not complete, the key technologies and complete sets of equipment for disaster prevention and control of super-large diameter deep wells invented by China University of Mining and Technology had the following impact:

  • The technologies were applied to 56 shafts, accounting for more than 3/4 of the same wellbore in the same period;

  • Increased the production capacity of to nearly 250 million tons;

  • Recorded a new output value of 22.6 billion yuan;

  • Yielded a profit tax of 1.55 billion yuan;

  • Wellbore construction speed increased by 52.8% and

  • Work efficiency increased by 99%.

In 2017 the technologies were applied to the construction of the main wellbore of the 1521m-deep Xincheng gold mine in Shandong Province. These achievements beneffited foreign mine construction markets such as India, Turkey and Vietnam and have greatly enhanced the core competitiveness and international influence of China’s well construction technology.

* Note: CUMT’s research team is based on the advanced platform of the State Key Laboratory of Deep Geomechanics and Underground Engineering. It is also supported by National Science and Technology Support Program, Key Projects of the National Natural Science Foundation and the Advantageous Discipline Construction Project in Jiangsu Province.


Source: Li Xiu, News Center


Editor: Li Xiu

Reviewer: Liu Zunxu