CUMT held the 4th Student Exchange and Study Abroad Fair

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Opening Ceremony

On-site Promotion

Report by the Special Guest

Scene of the Education Fair

On November 7, the 4th CUMT Student Exchange and Study Abroad Fair was held at the library on CUMT Nanhu Campus. A total of 42 colleges, universities and educational institutions from 13 countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Russia, Ireland, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Japan and Singapore attended the fair.

At the opening ceremony, CUMT Vice-president Zhou Fubao delivered a speech, extending a warm welcome to the representatives from foreign colleges, universities and educational institutions as well as the distinguished guests who participated and supported the fair. He said that CUMT has always attached great importance to cooperation with foreign universities in running school, formulated the strategy for “running school openly” and made great efforts to advance the construction of world-class university with characteristics of energy and resources. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented challenges to the international education cooperation of various countries, thus it is necessary to carry out international exchanges with a more open attitude, encourage more outstanding young people to participate in bilateral and multilateral cooperation projects, and bring more cooperation and exchange results to serve the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. He hoped that the exhibitors will focus on introducing their new ideas, new model and new measures for studying abroad under current COVID-19 pandemic so as to attract more young people with aspirations to study abroad. He encouraged students to actively participate in international cooperation , expand their international horizon and enhance global competence. At the same time, he sincerely expected that everyone will provide suggestions on CUMT’s international talent training, and drive CUMT to better develop in the internationalization cause.

Huang Haibo, representative of participating universities and director of the Representative Office of University College Cork in Shanghai, said in his speech that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge impact on normal operation of universities, forcing universities around the world to conduct innovation and reform. However, it is still a long-term plan of many Chinese students to choose to study abroad so that they can expand their international horizons and shape their international personality in order to better serve China after returning to the motherland. He suggested that the majority of students should be firm in sense of patriotism, carefully choose the destination of studying abroad, and use the opportunity of studying abroad to improve their language and ability in scientific research. Wang Rongchen, a participant in the exchange program between CUMT and West Virginia University in the United States, shared his experience of studying abroad at the opening ceremony. He thanked China and CUMT for their strong supports on his study abroad, and encouraged more students to appreciate each day and work hard so as to keep moving forward for their own ideals.

After the opening ceremony, the fair officially kicked off. Participating representatives carried out publicity and presentations and CUMT’s teachers and students made visits and consultation. Participating representatives introduced their universities and programs to visitors at their booths, distributed brochures and materials, and some universities also prepared exquisite souvenirs.

Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, participating universities conducted publicity and presentation through online and off-line ways. RMIT University in Australia and University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom used ZOOM for the promotion. University of Nottingham, University of Leeds, University of Central Lancashire, University College Cork and University of Kentucky and other universities sent representatives in China to make on-site promotion.

During the session of lectures by special guests at the fair, Sun Tao, President of New Oriental Vision Overseas, made a report entitled “Cultivation of Core Competitiveness in International Talents”, analyzing the situation of studying abroad under the COVID-19 pandemic and sharing the requirements of internationalization for the core quality of talents, and expressed his views on how to become an international talent with core competitiveness. Professor Yu Hesheng from the School of Chemical Engineering & Technology shared his own experience of choosing to study abroad, studying and doing scientific research abroad, and returning to China. Representatives of CUMT’s overseas students Wu Hongzhuang, Chen Haotian, Wang Rongchen and Li Yujie shared their experiences and gains in studying, research and life abroad.

This fair, hosted by the International Office and co-organized by the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Graduate School, Student Affairs Office, CUMT Youth League Committee, International College, and the Library, is a large-scale exhibition activity for studying abroad that has been held by CUMT under the theme of “Student Exchange and Study Abroad” for four consecutive years. It aims to implement the national strategy for opening-up education and CUMT’s goal of training world-class talents, further promote CUMT’s “double first-class” construction, offer overseas partner universities and institutions with promotional opportunities and provide CUMT’s teachers and students with channels for studying abroad. It is reported that the on-site exhibition will be continued until November 11.