Associate Professor Jing Shengyu Published a Paper on Advanced Materials

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Recently, the above paper, authored by Associate Professor Jing Shengyu, from School of Information and Control Engineering of CUMT, was published  in  the  top international journal Advanced Materials, titled Professor Jing was the first author was the first author affiliation. Advanced Materials is an authoritative international academic journal in the field of Materials, with the latest impact factor of 21.95 in 2017-2018.

Hydrogen fuel has the advantages of high energy density and zero emission of carbon dioxide, which is one of the research hotspots in the field of energy. Making use of electricity generated by renewable energy, such as wind and solar power to electrolyze water to produce hydrogen can not only provide high purity hydrogen, but also be environmentally-friendly and recyclable throughout the whole process.

However, there exists a big gap between actual potential and theoretical potential of making hydrogen by electrolyzing water. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the over potential of hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) to improve the energy conversion efficiency of hydrogen production by electrolysis.

Professor Jing’s extensive researchdemonstrates that it’s comparatively easy for Pt-H bond energy of medium strength to absorb or de-absorb hydrogen, resulting in Pt or Pt-based catalysts exhibiting excellent HER performance. However, the scarcity and high cost of precious metals such as platinum limit their practical application to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to reduce the cost of making hydrogen by electrolyzing water, it’s essential to develop non-noble metal catalysts with good conductivity, high catalytic activity and high stability. 

Source: Jing Shengyu, Yue Zixuan from School of Information and Control Engineering

Editor: Yue Zixuan

Reviewer: Liu Zunxu, Zhang Lei