Transportation from Xuzhou Guanyin Airport to CUMT

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Option 1 By taxi: about 90-120 RMB

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Option 2 By Airport Shuttle Bus - to CUMT Wenchang Campus

[ There are several shuttle bus routes leaves from ‘Xuzhou Guanyin Airport’ and travels around the city of Xuzhou. Please buy the ticket for the shuttle bus route stops at ‘Zhonghui International Conference Center Hotel (中汇国际会议中心)’ (1 hour drive ) ,which is located at the North Gate of CUMT Wenchang Campus.]

(1) Where to buy shuttle bus ticket:

After you get off the plane and take your luggage, the ticket counter is at the corner of the lobby (beside the Exit). Prize20RMB

Note: please buy the shuttle bus route which stops at ‘Zhonghui International Conference Center Hotel (中汇国际会议中心)’.

(2) Time schedule of the shuttle bus:

Every flight has a corresponding shuttle bus, so you could always get a suitable shuttle bus no matter when you arrived. The departure time of the shuttle bus is normally 20-30 minutes after your arrival.

(3) Time needed from Airport to Zhonghui International Conference Center Hotel (中汇国际会议中心) station: 1 hour drive.

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