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Ministry of Science and Technology

Passes State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering  

On March 27, the evaluation result of 2018 State Key Laboratory for Engineering and Material was  released on the website of Ministry of Science and Technology. State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering was rated as “Good .

The evaluation based on the development of national deep resources and construction of major underground engineering, focuses on the following aspects as the main research contents:

l Deep rock mechanics and controlling surrounding rock

l Deep rock mechanics and its interaction with the underground engineering structures

l Fundamental and applied researches on artificial freezing theory of thick topsoil

l complex geological environment

l Geotechnical engineering effect in deep underground mining.

The laboratory has undertaken 14 National Key Projects and 155 National Projects and won:

v 1 second-class prize in State Natural Science Award,

v 1 first-class prize and

v 7 second-class prizes in National Science and Technology Award.

The laboratory has published 793 SCI papers. Representative achievements of the Laboratory on scientific research have covered:

Ø deep rock mechanics and nonlinear mechanical behavior,

Ø rapid excavation method for deep tunnel and controlling stability of surrounding rock, construction theory and key technologies of large diameter vertical shaft in deep  complex strata, deep non-pillar mining method

Ø the strata control technology for deep mining and

Ø ecological restoration of subsidence, etc.

As a vital part of the National Science and Technology Innovation System, the State Key Laboratory is a research base for the state to organize high-level and applied basic researches, gather and train outstanding scientists, and carry out high-level academic exchanges.

In accordance with Measures for the Construction and Operation Management of State Key Laboratory and Evaluation Rules for State Key Laboratory, Intelligent Manufacturing Alliance of CAST Member Societies are entrusted by Ministry of Science and Technology to evaluate the State Key Laboratories for Engineering in 2018. The evaluation includes preliminary assessment, site inspection and overall assessment. This evaluation involves 43 State Key Laboratories for Engineering. Among them, 11 are rated as Excellent Laboratory, 29 are Good Laboratory and 3 laboratories need improvement.

Source: Zhao Liang from Institute of Science and Technology; Zhao Chunxiao from State Key Laboratory for Geomechanics and Deep Underground Engineering

Editor: Li Xiu

Reviewer: Liu Zunxu