Vice Rector of Universidad Católica de Salta (UCASAL), Alejandro Patrón Costas and his delegation visited CUMT

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Statement by Alejandro Patrón Costas, Vice Rector of UCASAL

Statement by Alejandro Patrón Costas, Vice Rector of UCASAL

On April 25, Alejandro Patrón Costas, Vice Rector of UCASAL, and Valeria Raquel Vorano, Director of its International Office, visited CUMT. Vice President  Bian Zhengfu met with the delegation in Room A310 of Xingjian Building. Heads of International Office, State Key Laboratory of Fine Exploration and Intelligent Development of Coal Resources and other relevant units of CUMT attended the meeting.

Bian Zhengfu firstly expressed a warm welcome to Costas’s re-visit and reviewed the results of cooperation between the two universities in recent years. He said that since the establishment of the inter-university partnership between the two universities in 2018, the two sides have carried out fruitful cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research and other aspects. As one of the largest and strongest mining universities in China with international influence, CUMT is willing to carry out more extensive practical cooperation with UCASAL in the fields of green low-carbon energy, intelligent mining, emergency management, ecological restoration and other areas such as talent cultivation, faculty exchanges, scientific research and other aspects.

Costas thanked CUMT for its hospitality for this visit. He said that Xuzhou City and Salta City have concluded a friendly city relationship, and the two universities have a closer cooperative relationship. Given that minerals are the pillar industry of Salta Province in Argentina, the cooperation with CUMT is particularly important as UCASAL continues to strengthen the cultivation of students’ professional knowledge and ability in the field of mining. He expects both sides to continue to expand the scale of student and faculty exchanges and further deepen inter-university exchanges and cooperation.

At the meeting, Bian Zhengfu and Costas jointly renewed the memorandum of inter-school cooperation between the two universities.