Rector Tolegen Mukhtar of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University and his delegation visited CUMT

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Statement by Rector Tolegen Mukhtar of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University

On April 22, Rector Tolegen Mukhtar of Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University and his delegation visited CUMT. Vice President Bian Zhengfu met with the delegation in Room B301 of Xingjian Building.

Bian Zhengfu expressed his warm welcome to the delegation and briefly introduced the development history, current situation and future planning of CUMT. Bian Zhengfu said that in recent years, CUMT has been actively serving the national development strategy and local social and economic development, and has made gratifying achievements in talent cultivation, discipline construction, scientific research, international cooperation and exchange. Looking to the future, CUMT will strengthen cooperation with universities in the Belt and Road countries, actively respond to the challenges of energy transition and the requirements of the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and learn from each other in talent training, scientific research, cultural exchanges, etc., so as to build CUMT into a world-class university with energy and resource characteristics.

Rector Mukhtar expressed his heartfelt gratitude for the hospitality of CUMT. He said that Sarsen Amanzholov East Kazakhstan University, founded in 1952, is located in the city of Öskmen, the capital of the East Kazakhstan region of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and is the largest and strongest public university in the region. The location of the university is rich in natural resources and is home to large and well-known metallurgical companies. The university has established inter-university cooperation with 115 universities around the world, including Tsinghua University. It is hoped that through this visit, the university can establish cooperative relationships and carry out in-depth cooperation with CUMT in the areas of talent cultivation, language training and scientific research cooperation.

After the meeting, the delegation visited School of Mines. An in-depth exchange on the cooperation in joint training of students and international scientific research projects was conducted, and an intention of cooperation was reached.

Representatives of enterprises, including Han Xiaoguang, Vice President of Haier Haiyongshun, and Han Fujie, General Manager of Inspur Yunzhou Long Delta Center, visited CUMT with the delegation. Heads of International Office and School of Mines of CUMT attended the talks.