Liu Bo, Secretary of the Party Committee of CUMT, led a delegation to visit the partner universities in Australia

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On behalf of CUMT, Liu Bo signed an inter-university cooperation 

agreement with Monash University

On behalf of CUMT, Liu Bo signed an inter-university cooperation 

agreement with University of Wollongong

The delegation visited University of Wollongong

The Delegation visited the Civil Engineering Laboratory of Monash University

The delegation had a talk with representatives of 

Chinese students and visiting scholars

The delegation visited the Australian alumni representatives 

of CUMT and took a group photo

From May 7 to 9, at the invitation of Monash University and University of Wollongong, Liu Bo, secretary of the Party Committee of CUMT, led a delegation to visit the above two partner universities.

On May 7, the delegation first visited Monash University and met with the Vice-Chancellor Sharon Pickering, Pro Vice-Chancellor Craig Jeffrey and Yu Aibing, and other experts and scholars. Pickering warmly welcomed Liu Bo and the delegation and said that Monash University and China University of Mining and Technology have distinctive advantages in their respective mineral and mining engineering disciplines, which makes the cooperation between the two universities a naturally broad space. She looked forward to signing a long-term strategic cooperation agreement with CUMT to deepen the practical exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in the fields of education and scientific research, and to achieve win-win cooperation results. She also emphasized the importance of personnel exchanges in promoting inter-university cooperation, and expressed her hope to strengthen the in-depth cooperation between teaching and research personnel of the two universities, so as to consolidate the cooperative relationship and contribute to the healthy development of the relationship between China and Australia. Liu Bo introduced the running situation of CUMT, and pointed out that CUMT is a high-level university with distinctive industrial characteristics, and has set the goal of building a world-class university with energy and resource characteristics by the middle of this century, hoping to further improve the running level through exchanges and cooperation with such world-class universities as Monash University. She also pointed out that international exchanges and cooperation is a distinctive feature of universities, and hoped that through the cooperation with Monash University, the understanding, trust and cooperation between teachers and students could be enhanced, the universities could be committed to solving the common challenges faced by mankind, thus contributing to the building of a community of human destiny. She hoped that in the future, on the basis of cooperation in training doctoral students, the two universities would further expand all-round cooperation in undergraduate and master’s students, as well as faculty visits and joint scientific research, so as to realize mutual benefits and win-win results. During the period, the delegation went to the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Civil Engineering to have in-depth exchanges with the faculty representatives and visited the relevant laboratories and research centers.

From May 8 to 9, the delegation visited University of Wollongong. Liu Bo had cordial exchanges with the President, Prof. Patricia Davidson, and the Executive Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Information Science, Prof. Gursel Alidci. Prof. Patricia Davidson warmly welcomed the delegation led by Liu Bo and introduced the history of University of Wollongong, its scale and its advantageous disciplines. She said that University of Wollongong has been developing strongly in recent years, and its comprehensive strength has been rising, and she is looking forward to exploring new opportunities for cooperation in talent cultivation, scientific research and other aspects with CUMT. Liu Bo said University of Wollongong is one of the few universities in Australia that has been rated as a “world five-star university” except for the eight major scientific research universities, and enjoys an excellent reputation in science and technology, especially in engineering. She also said that its advantageous disciplines, such as new energy and information technology, are suitable for the positioning and objectives of the transformation and development of CUMT, and expected that on the basis of good cooperation for more than 10 years, the two universities can further improve the quality and level of exchanges and cooperation in talent cultivation and scientific research cooperation, and to promote the cooperative relationship between the two universities to a new level. The delegation also discussed and exchanged views with Prof. Gursel Alidci on the specific paths and initiatives for the next step of cooperation, and visited the relevant laboratories.

During the visit, Liu Bo and the delegation visited the alumni representatives of CUMT in Australia and the Chinese director of the Confucius Institute for Tourism, etc. They also talked with the representatives of Chinese international students and visiting scholars studying at Monash University and University of Wollongong, and introduced the development of CUMT and its talent policy. They encouraged them to study hard, master their skills and promote academic exchanges between CUMT and Monash University and University of Wollongong.