School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics “ A Survey in Driving Factors of Land Degradation in Major Mining Areas in Western China”was held

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This survey and data collection project was undertaken jointly by CUMT and Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences of Ministry of Environmental Protection and is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

The targets for the project would be the typical mining areas of coal, metal and non-metal mines in western China.. The intention of the survey is to investigate and evaluate in detail the extent of land degradation in different types of mining areas in Western China.

This would be done by constructing a classification system of land degradation factors, classification standards and technique procedures. The methodology for the survey and data collection would include a combination of 3s technology, on-the-spot research and laboratory analysis.

The findings of the research is intended to improve understanding of the present conditions of mining areas, study factors of land degradation and rovide corresponding background data and parameters for mineral exploitation and comprehensive land management.  

It is envisioned that the information gathered would assist in  providing data support for further development of designs in mining areas, ecological development and relative scientific research.

Source: Yu Haochen from the School of Environment Science and Spatial Informatics

Editor: Liu Zunxu

Reviewer: Xiong Zhizhong