International Higher Education Alliance for Mining, Energy and Environment

Energy, resources and environment are essential to human progress and will remain a permanent theme for sustainable development. However, due to population growth, over cultivation of arable land and climate change, challenges exist for both developed and developing economies that impact on production, supply and utilization of global energy and resources, as well as environmental conservation. Facing with these changes, some of the world-leading universities and research institutions related to energy, resources and environment, are willing to take on their global social responsibilities and take immediate actions.

Based on a common understanding that scientists and universities play an increasingly important role in solving problems in mining, energy, alternative resources and environment, on October 17, 2009, a batch of world leading universities in these fields gathered at China University of Mining and Technology(CUMT), in Xuzhou of China, and jointly initiated and established the International Higher Education Alliance for Mining, Energy and Environment(AMEE) based on principles of equality and mutual benefit. AMEE is committed itself to cooperating in education, research and social services.

The secretariat of AMEE is permanently set up in CUMT. At present, Professor Richard Bajura, Director Emeritus of National Research Center for Coal and Energy, Acting Director of US-China Energy Center and Professor of the University of West Virginia, serves as the Chairman of AMEE. Mr. Zhang Zhenkang, Director of International Office of CUMT, serves as the Secretary General of AMEE.