Prominent Australian Sinologist and Honorary Professor at Griffith University Colin Mackerras Visited CUMT

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Award ceremony

Lecture by professor Colin Mackerras

On June 3rd, Colin Mackerras, a renowned Australian sinologist and Honorary Professor at Griffith University, paid a visit to CUMT. During his visit, he gave a lecture to the faculty and students of the School of Foreign Studies. Professor Liu Bo, Secretary of CUMT Party Committee, met with Professor Mackerras and expressed gratitude for his significant contributions to fostering the inter-university relationship between CUMT and Griffith University.

The award ceremony was held to honor Professor Mackerras’ outstanding contributions to the collaboration between the two universities before the lecture. CUMT Vice President Bian Zhengfu attended the ceremony and presented the award to Professor Mackerras. Vice President Bian Zhengfu warmly welcomed Professor Mackerras and his family. He said that that Professor Mackerras is an old friend of the Chinese people and has made significant contributions to the friendship between China and Australia. In 2011, CUMT and Griffith University jointly established the Griffith University Tourism Confucius Institute, with Professor Mackerras serving as its inaugural foreign director. He has dedicated himself to Chinese language teaching and cultural exchanges, playing a pivotal role in its steady growth and development. Professor Mackerras expressed his delight at returning to CUMT, where he met so many old friends and felt like returning home. He further stated that he would cherish the honor bestowed upon him by CUMT as a permanent keepsake.

During the lecture, Professor Mackerras presented an academic report titled “Prospects for China-Australia Relations in 2024,” attracting over 70 attendees, including key faculty members from the Australian Studies Center of the School of Foreign Studies, as well as undergraduate and graduate students from the School of Foreign Studies.

Professor Colin Mackerras is a distinguished Australian sinologist and Honorary Professor at Griffith University. His journey with China began in 1964 when he began to teach and conduct research in China, focusing on areas such as Chinese history, traditional Chinese drama, Chinese ethnic minorities, and Sino-Australian relations, among others. He has authored numerous publications on China. Recognizing his remarkable contributions, Professor Mackerras was awarded the Chinese Government Friendship Award in 2014 and the Special Book Contribution Award in 2015. Over the past six decades, Professor Mackerras has not only witnessed firsthand China’s remarkable development and progress but has also worked tirelessly to present a genuine image of China to Australia and the world. His dedication and sincere passion have been instrumental in forging a closer understanding and friendship between the peoples of China and Australia, serving as a bridge that promotes mutual knowledge and amity between the two nations.