Teacher from School of Economics and Management Published Papers in Nature Research Journals

Publisher :     Time : 22.December 2023    Browse the number :

Dr. Liu Zhenhua, a young teacher from School of Economics and Management at CUMT, published papers in Nature Research Journals Nature Communications (IF16.6 and JCR Q1 Top) and Scientific Data (IF 9.8 and JCR Q1), reporting his recent research findings in the field of climate and energy finance.

“The asymmetric effects of climate risk on higher-moment connectedness among carbon, energy and metals markets”, co-authored by Dr. Liu Zhenhua and scholars from the University of Edinburgh, Nanjing University of Finance & Economics, and Chongqing Normal University, was published in a Nature Research Journal Nature Communications on November 7. The paper reveals the asymmetric effects of climate risk on higher-moment connectedness among carbon, energy and metals markets through the GJRSK model, time-frequency spillover framework, complex network theory, and composite quantile method, which proposes new ideas and methods for identifying the driving mechanisms of cross market risk spillovers and provides important sources for investors and market regulators.  

“A news-based climate policy uncertainty index for China”, co-authored by scholars from the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China University of Mining and Technology, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and Beihang University, with Dr. Liu Zhenhua being the co-first author, was published in a Nature Research Journal Scientific Data on December 8. Climate policy uncertainty (CPU) has become a key index for quantifying the impact of climate change on the economic system. However, there is lack of research to describe China’s CPU level at different scales. This is the first paper that constructs a CPU index dataset in China at the national, provincial (31 provinces), and urban (293 cities) scales, which provides data for the study of China’s climate policy.

Nature Communications and Scientific Data are Nature Research Journals of Nature. Founded in 2010, Nature Communications is one of the largest open-access comprehensive journals, which publishes outcomes of high-quality and breakthrough research in various disciplines. Founded in 2014, Scientific Data publishes datasets with scientific value and outcomes of studies that promote scientific data sharing and reuse. Both journals rank top in Q1 in their respective fields according to their CiteScore.

These two papers are the first publications in Nature Research Journals by teachers of School of Economics and Management. In recent years, School of Economics and Management has taken concrete steps to implement CUMT policies and incentives for talent cultivation and development and to develop disciplines featured with entering mainstream and having CUMT characteristics. At the same time, it has deepened academic exchanges, created a sound academic atmosphere, and explored suitable paths for young teachers’ growth. With relevant platforms and systems in place, the individual growth of teachers is integrated with the development of the school. This is expected to enhance the sense of achievement and happiness of teachers, and drive the further development of the school.